Saturday :: Sep 25, 2004

NYTís Says Bush Campaign Despicable, Then Shows How it Happened

by paradox

Gail Collins and her staff are feeling better, no doubt, after publishing their editorial about how raunchyín offensive BushCo is in this campaign.

BushCo is despicable because they think they can get away with anything. Of course, they just recently have. The same instant one can read the editorial, right there on the front page is this:

The headline writer is covering for the Bush administration in omission propaganda. The salient fact of the matter is the deaths of four of our men, along with the deaths of innocent Iraqis, humans who have done nothing to us. Not that the US ďlaunches airstrikes,Ē rankly evasive language for horrifying consequences.

My my my, BushCo is despicable! Now why would they think they could get away with campaigning like that?

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