Saturday :: Sep 25, 2004

To All - Posting Etiquette 101

by pessimist

Friends, Trollers, Countrymen (and women)! Lend me your eyes!

As our regulars will note, we have been having some problems on this site with anonymous posters and long-winded posts in the comments sections. We want to encourage all of you to post as long as you have something to add to the discussion.

But as those who go back through the previous posts will note, we have taken to deleting some comments, especially by Mr. Anonymous, which are long-winded and generally off-topic. We posters of The Left Coaster have decided that we will exercise some editorial censorship in the comments sections. We aren't going to completely eradicate any posting ala The Ministry of Truth that gets caught up in this net, but neither are we going to allow our space to be usurped by those who aren't here to communicate.

Taking up our space isn't something that is just done by trolls, however. Some of our friendly regulars have lately taken to posting verbatim various articles, which takes up a fair amount of space as well, and which should instead be represented by a link (or even just the address from the article if you aren't HTML savvy. I understand, because I was that way myself just a year ago).

I'm sure some of you out there will find this move on our part discomforting. We would much rather that people respected this space and didn't try to monopolize the conversation, which is why we have adopted this editorial strategy. Each of us posters is responsible for the articles we write, so the exercise of this editorialism is subjective to the sensibilities of the specific author. Please direct any protests about this editing to the author of the post. The rest of us will have had nothing to do with it.

Whether you agree with the positions presented in our posts or not, please stick to that topic, and use links instead of mass quantities of words to support your position. This way, those whose interest you pique through your arguments can seek out your supporting information and verify for themselves - and the rest of us can go about reading the others' comments without undue inconvenience.

Should our posters not follow this basic and respectful process, we will take a more total control of the access to this site. It would save us a lot of trouble if we didn't have to.

UPDATE - We aren't seeking to eliminate opposing views. If someone presents an argument that isn't one we necessarily agree with, but is presented following the rules stated above, it won't be edited. I agree with the position that diversity of view is important in reaching a concensus on an issue that the majority can support, so no comment - regardless of source - that works toward such a goal need fear the electonic blue pencil.

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