Saturday :: Sep 25, 2004

Hit the Ground Running

by rayman

I saw this story over at Kos in tomorrow's NYT regarding voter registration in swing states. In spite of the laughably misleading title, the article has extremely encouraging news for Dems:

A sweeping voter registration campaign in heavily Democratic areas has added tens of thousands of new voters to the rolls in the swing states of Ohio and Florida, a surge that has far exceeded the efforts of Republicans in both states, a review of registration data shows.

The analysis by The New York Times of county-by-county data shows that in Democratic areas of Ohio - primarily low-income and minority neighborhoods - new registrations since January have risen 250 percent over the same period in 2000. In comparison, new registrations have increased just 25 percent in Republican areas. A similar pattern is apparent in Florida: in the strongest Democratic areas, the pace of new registration is 60 percent higher than in 2000, while it has risen just 12 percent in the heaviest Republican areas.

In the interest of being "fair 'n' balanced," I suppose, Fessenden repeatedly notes that not all of the newly registered voters will actually go to the polls. But honestly, do you think that America Votes, Move On, and ACT would launch a massive voter registration drive and then twiddle their thumbs on November 2nd? I don't think so. Another key point:
Some experts, though, say that the spike [in registered voters] has not been accurately captured by political polls and could confound prognostications in closely contested states.

I've always thought that wishful thinking in political campaigns is poisonous, but stories like this one make me increasingly believe that Election Day will deliver a shock to the pollsters and pundits. But we can't take anything for granted between now and then.

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