Sunday :: Sep 26, 2004

Another Sucker for Bush

by Mary

John McCain is one supposed to be one of the independent Republicans who are able to speak truth to power. Yes, he does speak out against some of the almost cult-like lockstep commitment to the right wing agenda that makes up the Republican philosophy today. He stood up for campaign finance reform. He has chided the President for letting things get so out of hand in Iraq. He worked hand-in-hand with John Kerry to normalize relationships with Vietnam and to lay to rest for once and all the MIA conspiracy that poisoned our relationships with that country. These are all clearly outside what goes for the Republican mainstream these days.

Well, it turns out that another issue with which he disagrees with the White House is in the need to address global warming. This past week, Living on Earth had an extensive interview with John McCain about why he thought Global Warming was a very serious issue and something has to be done about it.

McCain tells Steve Curwood that he became concerned with Climate Change during the 2000 election because at every stop someone in the audience would ask him about it. It made him curious enough to look into the issue and as he did, he began to realize its seriousness. Now he is holding hearings to try to pass legislation that will restrict and reduce greenhouse gases.

MCCAIN: I was concerned about it because I’ve heard and read so much about it. But probably what – my position evolved. When we started having these hearings and these incredibly respected scientists who spend their lives studying this issue become more and more unanimous, and more and more definitive in their views about climate change – look, the most cautious people in the world is the scientific community. And the National Academy of Scientists has come out in very definitive language that, quote, “human activity is responsible for the increase in greenhouse gases.” I mean, that’s…there’s no equivocation there. So when the smartest people in the world – I stood fifth from the bottom of my class at the Naval Academy, I don’t claim to be real smart, but I do claim to respect the views and opinions and conclusions of the smartest people in America and the world.

Here is yet one more area where McCain's views are at odds with GW Bush, but he never considers that might be a reason not to support Bush. Bush doesn't believe there is any reason to do something about global warming because not everybody in the whole world agrees that there is a problem and are working "united holding hands" to take action together.

So why does John McCain support George W Bush and run around the country campaigning for him? According to this interview:

MCCAIN: Because I support him on most issues, on a majority of issues. We have disagreements, that’s why we campaigned against each other, and I believe that President Bush’s leadership of the nation after September 11 is what qualifies him primarily, and the primary challenge we face is the war on terrorism.

McCain has a touching trust of Bush. And why not trust the man who slandered McCain and his family during the 2000 election, who betrayed him and the country by bad policy that McCain has condemned loudly (Bush's prolifigate spending on top of unwise tax cuts, his energy bill, the prescription drug bill, etc), and the man who has almost single-handedly destroyed our military and created the nightmare of Abu Ghraib? After all, being a leader doesn't mean you have to give a damn about the troops.

The public face vs. the hidden, confused face of George Bush

John McCain's definition of leadership must include the concept that someone who blatantly lies to you is someone in whom you should place your trust. And do you think he is hoping that Bush will finally figure out how to do something that isn't a complete cockup?

On the matter of trust, it is easy to see why people think Bush is two faced.

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