Monday :: Sep 27, 2004

Bush Lies About How Things Are Going In Iraq While His Administration Confronts Reality

by Steve

Kerry’s recent line of attack that Bush is living in a “fantasy world” on Iraq is buttressed by a piece (courtesy of a tip from commenter emal) from Reuters last night and a must-read in today’s Los Angeles Times. First, the Reuters piece put the claims Bush made about how well things are going in Iraq last week while his lackey Allawi was here under the microscope, and, no surprise, found them to be unsupported by the facts on the ground.

Second, in today’s Los Angeles Times, it was reported that the Administration has quietly downgraded its hopes for Iraq. There is no more serious talk inside the Administration about bringing western democracy to Iraq, as the optimistic projections by war supporters about the unleashing of the Iraq oil industry, the benefits of privatizing the Iraqi economy, and the trigger effect of a democratic election in Iraq upon the Middle East have now all been discarded in the face of reality. Discarded by all except the snake oil salesman-in-chief Mr. Bush, that is.

Mr. Bush’s supporters joke that they would be happy if Iraq at this point turned out like Romania, rather than the original rosy scenario dream of establishing western democracy in the heart of the Arab world. It is comforting to know that we squandered what will be thousands of American lives and upwards of $200 billion of American taxpayer funds to bring Romania to Iraq.

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