Monday :: Sep 27, 2004

Propaganda on the Yahoo AP Wire: Seven Guard Dead Donít Merit a Headline

by paradox

Everybody and their brother knows the US has been bombing Iraqi ďterroristsĒ with all the ferocity it can muster for at least 15 months. Reading the headline below off the Yahoo AP wire Top News site would never let a reader know that seven of our men had been killed.

I went on over to Lunaville to see if they knew anything, but the useless propaganda AP story doesnít give locations for the Guard attacks, so I couldnít tell.

The truth is that our men are dying for no reason, and that we continue to kill untold thousands of Iraqis for pure lies. The propaganda headline writer at Yahoo or AP whoís responsible for this may think this childish attempt may work at masking the horrible reality of whatís going on, but truth like this cannot be hidden.

Out of all the powerful emotional currents this stirs in me, the most searing thought is the absolute bafflement that citizens of the United States could be lied to about the deaths of US servicemen so causally and so openly. Lied to about why they were being deployed, lied to about how long they would stay, lied to about why they continue to die.

Itís bad enough the President insists on doing it every day. The caring, thoughtful, law-abiding, tax-paying, **honest** citizens of the country really donít need AP or Yahoo helping him.

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