Wednesday :: Sep 29, 2004

The Media Lets Gallup Off The Hook

by Steve

David Brockís Media Matters For America runs an entry this morning following up on our work yesterday to highlight the GOP bias in Gallupís poll samples. Gallupís CEO Frank Newport was given the chance by CNN to respond to concerns over Gallupís over sampling of GOP respondents. To say he got the pussyfoot treatment would be to put it mildly, but what would you expect CNN to do with a business partner? Note that Newport danced away from directly answering the criticisms over Gallupís GOP sample bias and instead went after for their New York Times ad yesterday which made the same points we made two weeks ago.

The USA Today did run a small piece today that gave short shrift to the issue, while giving Gallup plenty of space to make its case. Again, what do you expect from a journalistic business partner, real journalism and analysis?

What CNN, USAT, and the rest of the media donít focus on is the effect that misleading polls have on shaping the outcome of the election. By releasing a garbage poll like this days before the first debate, the media is fed the notion willingly that Kerry needs to score a knockout or else the race is done. Rove manages to indirectly plant unrealistic expectations that Kerry cannot meet. Worse yet, the race is not as dire as Gallup portrays, so Kerry is in no need to score a knockout yet he will lose the post-debate spin because of the expectations that have been baked in the cake by Gallup and the media. A nice racket they've got there, huh?

Gallupís credibility remains in tatters. They can say all they want that they are not in the business of predicting elections, but rather that if the election were held this week, the likely voters would be composed of 43% Republicans and only 31% Democrats.

And that is still bogus.

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