Thursday :: Sep 30, 2004

Consequences of an empty heart

by Duckman GR

How can they do that?

Because it serves their purposes.

How do they sleep at night?

On expensive beds and linens.

Donít they care that this would hurt seniors?


We're outraged because we know that what these people do is wrong, and its ugly. In our minds it's incomprehensible that people would behave this way towards their fellow citizens, let alone foreigners. But you have to remember one thing. Their concerns are not yours. They have a narrow focus, a slavering thirst if you will, for one thing. Power. All the smears, the small motorboats, the media bias, the voter purges, theyíre all just tools in the tool box.

Money is their favorite tool, of course, for its utilitarian value, but itís still just a means to an end. They want power, the power to control their own petty little lives. Thatís why they stay on message so well, because they have such a small field of choices to work from. So donít wonder why, wonder what.

What do we do to correct their greedy choices? What do we do to prevent their lies from spoiling the barrel?

Blogs can take some credit for two recent successes, getting the Ohio Secretary of State to back down from his ridiculous and rather lame assertion that voter registration forms can only be on 80# paper stock, and getting Republican slimy pollster Frank Luntz off of MSNBCís debate coverage.

So here's another one. Coloardo's Secretary of State wants to screw with provisional ballots, presumably to try to help out Adolf, er, Pete Coors in his sinking Senate campaign. Provisional ballots are going to trend towards Democrats, so it makes sense to try to use that against them. Because, don't forget, democracy is just a tool they use to gain power.

Expect nothing less from them. Nothing else matters to them, nothing, but power. In order to beat them we have to force them into situations where there are no, none, nada, zip, zilch, other options but what we want. Then we'll get the outcomes we desire. But don't expect them to behave reasonably, or legally, without consequences that harm them; they won't. But they will do whatever gets them what THEY want.

Remember one other thing. They're cowards, deep down in the empty recesses where their humanity might've once been. Great big pathetic cowards who fear pain, ridicule, and exposure, above all. So shine the light on them, hurt them where it counts. Laugh at them, talk about them, give em the back of the hand. Why do you think they hate intellectuals so much? Because they feel threatened by someone smarter than themselves. And rightly so.

They are the kool kidz, immature, stunted, fixated on juvenile issues of superficiallity and appearences, of whether their mommy and daddy take away their toys.

We are not going to lose to that.

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