Friday :: Oct 1, 2004

Courting A New Scare Tactic

by pessimist

I note this morning that the wrong-wing media has taken up a new cause - the nomination of justices to the nations courts.

Next President Could Get to Reshape High Court

Although no one knows for sure whether there will be any vacancies over the next four years, legal experts said the odds of a retirement appear to be increasing, given the advancing age of the three oldest justices.

The experts said the most likely candidates to retire over the next four years would be the oldest justices -- Justice John Paul Stevens, 84; Chief Justice William Rehnquist, who turned 80 on Friday; and Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, 74.

One of the more outspoken of the Justices, Antonin "Orgies are OK with ME" Scalia was speaking at Harvard and trying to make the case that 'judicial activism' is only a liberal activity.

In a wide-ranging talk at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government last night, Scalia told about 400 students that issues such as capital punishment, abortion, and physician-assisted suicide should be matters for voters, not judges. "What I am questioning is the propriety, indeed the sanity, of having value-laden decisions such as these made for the entire society . . . by judges," Scalia said.

A good conservative Justice would NEVER stoop to performing extra-legal judicial activism like deciding for voters who they just elected!

Here's his orgy quote, by the way:

I even take the position that sexual orgies eliminate social tensions and ought to be encouraged, Scalia said.

How well is THAT going to play with Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson???

A Taiwanese journalist takes up the cause that should have been the outcry of all Americans after the December 2000 travesty of justice which gave the power to the Petroleum Pinhead from Crawford.

`Justices' in US, Taiwan not worthy of the name

Although the official title of a member of the US Supreme Court is "justice," some Supreme Court members have made a mockery of that term by going against basic principles of legal ethics.

It is widely believed that Justice Antonin Scalia will be the next chief justice if George Bush wins a second term. But a number of recent incidents call Scalia's ethics into question.

Vice President Dick Cheney had to answer accusations over his involvement in the energy task force in court last year. It was later revealed that Cheney and Scalia had spent a few days duck hunting together at a private camp in southern Louisiana at the same time that Scalia was hearing Cheney's case, which brought Scalia's impartiality into question, leading to calls that he recuse himself from the case.

This was not the first time Scalia had assisted the Bush-Cheney team. It was Scalia's judgment that helped uphold their claims about the Florida polls in the 2000 US presidential elections. Scalia heard the case even though his son was a member of a law firm that was working for Bush.

Such behavior have led some to suggest that Scalia and others should really be called "injustices." Even TV programs have ridiculed Scalia, and thereby brought into public question the impartiality of the Supreme Court.

This is just one more reason why all of you thinking people out there need to try to reach those non-thinkers who still insist that they will support George Wrongdoer Bu$h because they think he is a moral man.

As it now seems that John F. Kerry has holed the Iraq Cruiser below the waterline, and revealed that the Afghanistani trip to Tora Bora should not be confused with the fanciful trip to Glockamora, the fall-back position for the wrong-wing is now the courts and the judicial nominations to fill those seats.

"Liberal judges will release criminals back on to the streets," they will claim. But how much harm has been done by those whose weapon of choice is a balance sheet? What have those conservative judges already seated been doing about that?

The wrong-wing enemy has shifted position, but the tactics remain the same - keep 'em scared if you can't keep 'em from voting. That way, the real crime spree can continue uninterrupted by something so mundane as the law.

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