Friday :: Oct 1, 2004

Damage From Last Night Continues

by Steve

MSNBC Online Poll Results: 11:54 AM
2,188,235 Responses

Who Won the Debate?
Kerry: 61%
Bush: 39%

When you are too flummoxed to respond to an aggressive challenge face-to-face, what does Bush do? He changes his underware, crawls back to the friendly confines of his Stepford crowds, and begins speaking drivel once again. And he manages to trash multilateralism at the same time.

Bush noted that Kerry had said he would bring allies together to find a solution for Iraq. Bush said he had been to many summits. "I've never seen a meeting that would depose a tyrant or bring a terrorist to justice. ... I will never submit America's security to an international test."

Exactly what does a meeting with allies to discuss the Iraq quagmire have to do with deposing a tyrant, Skippy? Looks to me like Bush is still suffering from post-debate stress syndrome.

Then there is this:

Bush advisers also dismissed Democrats who pounced on Bush's appearance at times when Kerry was speaking. Bush could be seen scowling and looking irritated.

"That wasn't irritated. I know irritated," said senior Bush adviser Karl Rove. Instead, he said Bush was "pensive" and "focused," said Rove.

No Karl, I think the word isn’t “pensive” but rather bitch-slapped.

McCain said Kerry had a strong performance.

"He (Kerry) presented himself well, John did. ... Kerry came out slugging," McCain told reporters in Miami before Bush's departure.

"Obviously he's an accomplished debater ... In the last six weeks, it was probably his (Kerry's) brightest moment," McCain said.

Thanks Senator McCain. Now go back and attend to Bush’s need for his Depends to be changed.

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