Saturday :: Oct 2, 2004

Kerry's Debate Win Starts To Register In The Polls

by Steve

(Image courtesy of Newsweek)

The fallout from the first debate poll-wise is becoming apparent, as Newsweek came out first today with its latest national poll. According to the poll, which showed Bush with a double-digit lead right after the GOP convention and a five-point lead last week, Kerry has now shot ahead amongst registered voters by three (49%-46%) in a two-way race, and by two points (47%-45%) when Nader is included. But remember that this poll has had questionable sampling in the past. In the same poll, Bush’s approval rating has fallen again to 46%, down 6% from the post GOP convention period. One of the key results from the debate was that aside from gaining ground on Bush in all of the characteristics pollsters ask about, Kerry regained his level of favorability that he had after the Democratic convention.

Survey USA conducted multi-state polling right after the debate and found that in almost all states where they polled, respondents felt that Kerry won the debate. What is noteworthy in the USA results is that the only two states where respondents felt that Bush won the debate were Texas and Oklahoma, which were already in the bag for him anyway. Kerry racked up large margins in key battleground states like Pennsylvania, Florida, Arkansas, Maine, Oregon, Washington, and New Jersey. In Colorado, respondents were tied as to who won the debate, and in Kentucky it was a slight Kerry lead as well.

One of the byproducts of the first debate "win" for Kerry, as evidenced by the Newsweek online cover is that there will be a subtle shift in how the media treats Kerry.

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