Sunday :: Oct 3, 2004

Oy, the Evil Idiot Friedman is Back

by paradox

Tom Friedman, champion of democracy through the killing of ordinary citizens, returns from his cowardly sojourn to repeat the infuriating, profanely exasperating performance of the New York Times editorial board when it said it “we were wrong” about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. "We’re in trouble in Iraq," the mighty mind of New York Times proclaims.

No…shit, you ludicrous embarrassment to the modern human mind. What in the hell are we going to do to fix it?

To this question, of course, Friedman gives no answer. He only gives a fairly accurate exposé on how badly it’s been screwed up.

We know that, Tom. While you were mentally jacking off to some abstract literary idea 18 year old American kids were dying and getting there limbs blown off, so the next time you have the incredible gall to even show up to work you damn well better offer your readers some solutions to stopping this war.

It’s one thing to be moronically stupid to think this war could ever work, state you don’t mind you were lied to for starting it and then blather useless facts upon returning from what should have been a highly reflective break (obviously, it was not), but it’s quite another in all this offensive meander of text never once to mention American troop deaths or the suffering of their families here at home.

Thomas Friedman, you see, just can’t be bothered to worry his disgustingly small mind about the death of real people from his childish, grossly egotistical ideas. Go ahead, Tom, pull that trick again. The true character of the New York Times and American journalism(sic) is always well worth demonstrating to the country and the world.

Friedman will whine that he offered a solution: take the politics out of it. In an election year. This, “my friends,” is the kind of thinking that led this county down such a disastrously stupid path to the war in Iraq.

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