Sunday :: Oct 3, 2004

Drudge Sludges Bu$h While Sliming Kerry

by pessimist

George Widowmaker Bu$h can't even lose the debate without cheating! This sonofabitch needs to be exposed for the deceitful fraud, liar, and cheat that he is before the election. I'll let our friends over at Americablog take over.

Drudge catches Bush cheating during the debate

Matt Drudge, bless his )#(%ed up gay Republican soul, has been on a roll lately in terms of posting anti-Kerry attacks photos, documents, etc., that end up biting Bush in the ass.

Drudge outdoes himself today with a post claiming Kerry came to the debate podium and allegedly takes a sheet of paper out of his breast pocket. The debate rules apparently say that you can bring NOTHING to the podium not even paper or pencil, and that all the materials will be placed for you on the podium.

Oh, but only as Drudge can do, the video Drudge posts as "proof" on his site bites Bush in the ass.

If you zoom the video to full screen (right click on it while it's running and click "zoom" and then "full screen") you can see Bush unfolding a piece of paper and laying it down on his podium!

Remember the debate rules say all paper will already be on the podium, and unless the debate organizers folded the paper up in a wad before placing it on the podium, Bush is cheating with his own cheat sheet.

Now, I could care less about this issue, but how dare Drudge and company try to come up with a scandal here when their own boy is caught doing exactly what they're accusing Kerry of doing?

Check out the Drudge video and keep your eyes on Bush's hands - notice his unfolding and laying flat a piece of paper.

Priceless. (I particularly like the cheesy 1970s porn music in the background of the video.)

Go get 'em, tigers!

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