Tuesday :: Oct 5, 2004

Debate Gives Kerry The Lead In Ohio

by Steve

Survey USA reports today that according to their latest poll in Ohio, Kerry has regained a lead there by one point, 49%-48% amongst likely voters. This poll was done completely after last week’s debate.

761 Likely Voters (9/9 Results in parentheses)
Kerry: 49% (47%)
Bush: 48% (50%)

Of note are the following in this poll:

Bush was up by 6% back on 9/9, but Kerry has now tied Bush with men.

Kerry and Bush were tied back on 9/9, but Kerry is now up by 3%.

Bush was up by10% with Indies back on 9/9, but Kerry is now up by 9%.

Bush was up by 9% but is now up by only 1%.

Kerry was up by 2% on 9/9, but is now up by 9%

Again, I wish that more of these polls were weighted for party ID, but you take what you can get.

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