Wednesday :: Oct 6, 2004

While Kerry Recaptures States From Bush, Rasmussen Now Shows A Tie

by Steve

In looking at the Electoral Vote Calculator website today, you will get a false picture of the state of the race. Why? Because according to new polls that for some reason the EVC doesn’t take into account, Kerry has moved back ahead in Florida by 2%, and is now ahead in Pennsylvania beyond the margin of error. We noted yesterday that Survey USA has Kerry back ahead in Ohio. The conventional wisdom this year is that if Kerry takes two of these three states, he will win.

At this time, he has moved ahead in all three.

Plus, since the debate, Kerry has moved back into a tie with Bush in New Hampshire, and has moved surprisingly back into a virtual tie since the debate in Missouri, a state he had previously withdrawn resources from.

Folks, if Kerry takes Missouri, then Iowa and Minnesota will follow, and this race is over.

And Rasmussen today reports that in their daily tracking poll, Kerry is less than a point behind Bush as the full impact from last week’s debate is factored into the numbers.

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