Thursday :: Oct 7, 2004

The Cheney Translator

by Duckman GR

Great economy we got there, eh George? $53 a barrel? No problem, lets look that up in the Cheney translator.

Yep, good for America, it says it right there, page 5,394, 2nd paragraph. Record high crude oil prices are good for America. Record high gasoline prices at the pump means consumers are pumping more and more of their money into the economy. And thats good for America.

Great war we got there, George. No WMDs? No prob, lets refer to the translator.

Here it is, page 9,378, paragraph 17. Up is down.

Oh, sorry, wrong page. We want page 873, para 5. A finding by any U.S. expert of no findings means that this proves we knew that they knew that we knew they knew something, which ipso sans facto, verifies our veracity. i.e. a finding by the chief U.S. weapons inspector in Iraq that Saddam Hussein's government produced no weapons of mass destruction after 1991 justifies rather than undermines President Bush's decision to go to war.

Great environment to live and play and prosper in, right George? Clear Skies and New Source Review to make air cleaner? Once again, to the Book.

Bingo, black and white, page 43,666, graph number 1. In all cases, the lack of enforcement proves that the enforcement agencies have done all of the enforcement possible, there are no remaining cases to be prosecuted or enforced, or even looked at. Nothing to see here, move along.

I have the translator next to my hitchhikers guide and my Catch-22 rule book. I think that pretty well covers it.

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