Thursday :: Oct 7, 2004

It's The WMDs, No Wait, It's The Oil For Food Program...

by Steve

As I said in an earlier post, now the BC04 folks are saying that although there were no WMDs, the war was justified because Saddam was abusing the Oil for Food program.

Funny, I didn't see the Oil for Food Program listed in the Congressional Resolution, or the certification for war that Bush was required to send to Congress. We must have missed that.

Well, at least they finally admit that Hussein didnít have WMDs, but this admission and this pathetic pivot to another flip-flop and rationale for the war only makes these guys look like the Clown show they really are.

And isnít John Deanís argument from over a year ago now more relevant with Bushís admission that Iraq doesnít have WMDs?

How does Colin Powell look at himself in the mirror every morning with any pride left? For that matter, how does Condi look at herself in her two mirrors?

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