Thursday :: Oct 7, 2004

Bush Passed Up An Offer For French Assistance

by Steve

In scanning the comment boards on several threads tonight, I came across an exchange between Strict Constructionist and a disbelieving Toby. Apparently, the GOP's attacks against France for not being a good ally are baseless, as usual. According to today's Post, in a story that I had missed, France did in fact offer to assist Bush by participating in the invasion to the tune of 15,000 troops. Why did Bush pass up on that offer and then smear Chirac since then for being against us?

Because Chirac thought we were rushing toward war when we should have waited for the inspectors to complete their work. Since Hans Blix has said that they told Bush and the UN that they needed four more weeks to give a definitive picture of Saddam's WMD capabilities, this means that Bush walked away from significant help from another ally because he didn't want to wait for four weeks.

And don't think those 15,000 troops and French involvement wouldn't have been a big help in the occupation. Because once France got in, Russia would have followed. But then Bush would have had to share the reconstruction and oil contracts with French firms, and Dick and Halliburton wouldn't have liked that.

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