Thursday :: Oct 7, 2004

Kerry Needs To Be Ready To Slap Bush Down On September Job Growth

by Steve

The September jobs report will be released tomorrow, on the same day as the next debate. The Labor Department is letting it leak that the estimate for tomorrow is just under 160,000 jobs added in September, which means that the actual figure will be more than that so that Bush can claim during the debate that September job growth exceeded expectations.

Kerry needs to be ready to pounce on this effort by Bush at turning a negative into a positive during the debate. When Bush tries to put a positive spin on the jobs picture, Kerry needs to remind the audience that:

1. None of Bush's job growth estimates have ever come true;

2. None of Bush's claims in selling his tax cuts about job growth have ever come true;

3. Three years into a recovery, adding 200,000 jobs is nothing to brag about;

4. The jobs added under Bush are lower-paying than those that they replace;

5. Planned layoffs in September hit nearly 108,000.

There will also be plenty of those who say that any attempt by the administration to tell us that we added 200,000 jobs in September is bunk. So Kerry needs to be ready to strongly challenge anything Bush claims on job growth because frankly he and his administration have no credibility on the subject.

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