Friday :: Oct 8, 2004

Al Gore and Karma

by Duckman GR

As if it weren't obvious that the media is against us, montana fly at dKos caught yet another "mistake" by the media, this time MSNBC, owned by G.E. of course. Big company, might have something to do with the military/industrial complex.

300,000 jobs screamed the banner headline. 200,000 jobs claimed the sub headline.

Like He who really can’t be named's Generals, they thought they could ride the whirlwind.

No, they shall reap the whirlwind.

And it isn’t just that their masters are working for bush. They suck too.

I did a search of the San Diego Union-Tribune website for references to the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Wangari Maathai and the Green Belt Movement she leads. Guess what I got?

“Your search did not match any documents.”
“No pages were found containing.”

Now, I confess, I had never heard of her or her movement either, and no wonder. When the lead story on the TV news is Martha Stewart goes to jail, or some stupid asshole murdered his wife, well, who wants to hear about some open minded woman tree hugger anyway?

The lies of bush are just breathtaking today, why today is any different from the past 4 years I don't know, but they are. At least for me. Thank invisible cloud beings and Al Gore for this internet thing, and may CB04 and their allies suffer for their bastardy.

Perhaps this is all just Karma. Al Gore's gracious demurral at the end, much maligned and criticized, but inevitable, may have come back round on the Karmic Lazy Susan of life, because without this internet thingy, where the hell would we be today?

Maybe it is our fault, in a way. Maybe part of the futile resistance of the media is because of the threat we pose, fact checking, uncensored, free radicals that we are.

If so,

BLOGGER THIS, NEWSMEDIA!! #&%$^%(*$)_$&$*!

Oh, and congratulations to Ms. Maathai and her tree huggin ways!

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