Saturday :: Oct 9, 2004

Kerry Shifts Focus To Angry George And Domestic Issues Leading Up To Final Debate

by Steve

"I do think that Senator Kerry losing his cool should not be an excuse for him to lash out at the president with false and baseless attacks"
--White House Spokesman Scott McCellan, August 20

As in the previous debate and in his stump speech, Bush repeated a number of assertions about Kerry's voting record on taxes, intelligence spending and budgets that are out of context and misleading.
--Ceci Connolly and Glenn Kessler, Washington Post, today

Kerry is already capitalizing on the “Angry George” we saw last night:

Kerry looked back on Friday's night's debate in St. Louis, Missouri, recalling that at one stage a riled-up Bush cut off moderator Charles Gibson in midsentence to answer one of his rival's statements.

"I was a little worried at one point, I thought the President was going to attack Charlie Gibson."

And the campaign is ramping up to do a few days of hammering on Bush’s domestic failings in advance of Wednesday’s debate:

The Democrats' advisers said he plans intense attacks in the coming days over domestic issues, including job losses, rising health care costs, and stem-cell research, in the run-up to Wednesday's concluding debate in Tempe, Ariz.

Kerry adviser Joe Lockhart said Kerry will put particular emphasis on domestic issues in the final weeks of the campaign. "I think John Kerry scored very well any time the subject turned to jobs, the economy, health care and the environment," Lockhart told reporters in a conference call.

Edwards, campaigning in Detroit, accused the president of distorting the latest employment statistics during the debate to make it seem like millions of jobs had been created on his watch. "They're going to try everything they know how to put lipstick on this pig, but at the end of the day, it's still a pig," Edwards said.

Smart man, that Edwards.

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