Tuesday :: Oct 12, 2004

Sinclair Under Pressure

by Steve

"However, the accusations coming from Terry McAuliffe and others, is it because they are some elements of this that may reflect poorly on John Kerry? That it's somehow an in-kind contribution of George Bush?

If you use that logic and reasoning, that means every car bomb in Iraq would be an in-kind contribution to John Kerry. Weak job performance ratings that came out last month would have been an in- kind contribution to John Kerry. And that's just nonsense.

This is news. I can't change the fact that these people decided to come forward today. The networks had this opportunity over a month ago to speak with these people. They chose to suppress them. They chose to ignore them. They are acting like Holocaust deniers, pretending these men don't exist."
--Mark Hyman, Sinclair VP, today on CNN

There are several things that jump out at you on this. First, these people didnít decide to come forward today. Carlton Sherwood already admits that it was Sinclair who contacted him last month when they heard the movie was completed. Sinclair pursued this movie, plain and simple.

Second, using the ďholocaust deniersĒ metaphor speaks volumes about the mindset weíre dealing with here. To equate the decision of several television network news divisions to pass on another anti-Kerry piece of propaganda from a discredited right wing group with ties to the White House is nowhere near the same as the gross denial of fact demonstrated by a holocaust denier.

Third, Hyman and Sinclair, with that stupid comment under pressure, just lit a fuse under the Anti-Defamation League, and that is not where Sinclair wants to be, trust me. Neither do Sinclairís advertisers.

Fourth, from that same interview with Bill Hemmer of CNN, Hyman wants us to believe that Sinclair isnít against John Kerry. Yet he himself mentions the relativity of terrorist car bombings and bad jobs reports as in-kind contributions to the Kerry campaign in an effort to beat down the notion that his airing of this sought-after propaganda at his direction on all of his affiliates isnít an in-kind contribution. Nope, it sure doesnít sound like any anti-Kerry bias to me.

Fifth, Sinclair needs Bush to be elected for purely financial survival reasons.

Lastly, out of curiosity, given Mr. Hymanís concern for the vets here, what war did Mr. Hyman serve in and how many medals does he have?

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