Tuesday :: Oct 12, 2004

Mark Hyman's Anti-Kerry Bias

by Steve

From today’s CNN appearance by Mark Hyman with Bill Hemmer:

HEMMER: Mark, let me try and cut through this a little bit. Is there a bias at Sinclair against John Kerry?

HYMAN: Why would you say that? Because we're presenting a side...

HEMMER: I'm just asking it. Is there, or not?

HYMAN: I certainly hope not. There shouldn't be.

Well Mark, if there shouldn't be a Sinclair bias against John Kerry, then you should resign. Otherwise, how do you explain these statements?

Do you and the rest of Sinclair think we are fools that can be lied to over and over again?

Claimed Kerry Joined Navy Because It Was The “Least Likely” To Go To Vietnam. In his commentary on 9/19/04, Mark Hyman said that Kerry dodged the Army draft by enlisting in the Navy. “The reality is Kerry joined the Navy because it was the military branch least likely to involve assignment to Vietnam -- in order to avoid being drafted into the Army.” [The Point, 9/19/04]

Hyman Accused Kerry of Falsifying Military Records. In a commentary on 9/27/04, Hyman accused John Kerry of “Gun Decking”. According to Hyman “‘Gun decking’ is the falsifying of official records and reports, usually to cover-up a wrong doing or to make one look better than he is.” Hyman went on in his commentary to state that, “Extensive records review shows Kerry guilty of ‘gun decking’ his military career.” [The Point Commentary, 9/27/04]

Hyman Claimed Kerry Supported Communists. In his commentary on 9/22/04, Hyman argued that Kerry supported Communist regimes. “Kerry has a lifetime of experience in foreign policy. Unfortunately, it is a lifetime of supporting Communist forces opposed to the U.S. in Vietnam, in Nicaragua….” [The Point, 9/22/04]

Hyman Insinuated Kerry Courted Hollywood Actors to Speak for Him; Called Actors “Misfit,” “Drug Users” who “Are on Their Third, Fourth or Fifth Marriage.” In his commentary on 9/26/04, Hyman eluted to a Kerry fundraiser held in Hollywood. Hyman called Hollywood actors, ‘misfits.” He said that, “Illegal drug use and alcohol abuse are common,” among them. He also said that most Hollywood actors are often on their third, fourth or fifth marriage or relationship, or both at the same time.” He also insinuated that John Kerry is the type of “candidate” that uses these individuals to raise money. “In fact, some candidates actively court these Hollywood misfits because they respect their lifestyles and choices.” [The Point Commentary, 9/26/04]

Hyman Went on September Rampage Against Kerry. During one remarkable stretch of September 2004, Hyman didn't even try to hide his support for President Bush and criticized John Kerry in 75% of his segments. “The problem is Kerry's pattern of lies, embellishments and exaggerations create a false image. . . ." It's called ‘The Point.’ It's a one-minute commentary broadcast on the 62 U.S. television stations owned by Baltimore-based Sinclair Broadcast Group. The host is Mark Hyman, Sinclair's spokesman and head of corporate relations. In nine of the last 12 segments - each clearly labeled commentary - Hyman has sharply criticized presidential candidate John Kerry.” [Des Moines Register, 9/27/04]

Hyman's September Vendetta With Kerry: The titles of Hyman's recent news commentaries reveal his lack of objectivity and his clear vendetta against John Kerry: "Kerry & The Killing" 9/13/04; "Kerry & The Purple Heart" 9/14/04; "Kerry & The Winter Soldier Investigation" 9/15/04; "Kerry & The Three Weeks of Protest" 9/16/04; "Kerry & The Navy" 9/19/04; "Kerry & The Oath" 9/20/04; "Kerry & The Medals" 9/21/04; "Kerry & The Communists" 9/22/04; "Kerry & The Numbers" 9/23/04. [http://www.newscentral.tv/thepoint/editorial.shtml]

Hyman Accused Teresa Heinz Kerry of Using Tax Shelters. In his commentary on 10/4/04, commentator Mark Hyman continued his partisan attacks against John Kerry, by accusing Teresa Heinz Kerry of using tax shelters to avoid paying taxes. Hyman said, “Unlike the average American, Heinz Kerry can afford the best tax advice available that helps shelter her from paying taxes on the bulk of her income.” [The Point Commentary, 10/4/04]

But remember, there shouldn't be any anti-Kerry bias at Sinclair....

Speaking of money and bias, Mr. Hyman, do you still want to maintain that Sinclair isn’t biased towards the GOP when the network has been an ATM for the GOP since 1993?

I guess it is also comforting to know that Sinclair, through their numerous contributions to former GOP Representative and now Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich, can seem to count on whatever help they need from the Governor in their home state.

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