Tuesday :: Oct 12, 2004

Challenge Sinclair And Do Your Own Counterprogramming

by Steve

Well, if you are looking for ways to deal with the Sinclair smear campaign, there are several suggestions. They range from the direct responses, such as taking steps to boycott advertisers and picket local Sinclair affiliates, to filing notices of objection and Petitions to Deny the license renewal efforts of your nearest Sinclair affiliate(s). You can also write your Congressman or Senator to demand they do something about this, especially those with oversight of the FCC on the House and Senate Commerce committees, or those Senators like John McCain who have already taken on Michael Powell at the FCC and won.

You can also buy your own copy of "Fahrenheit 911" or "Going Upriver", both of which are available for purchase on the left of this site through Amazon, and have your own house party with likeminded friends and do your own counterprogramming to whatever your nearest Sinclair affiliate is doing.

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