Wednesday :: Oct 13, 2004

We've Got a Bigger Problem Now

by rayman

If you thought that the Sinclair stunt was the extent of the GOP's "October surprise," guess again. It's far worse. As Kos and Co. have been pointing out, the RNC is effectively financing fraudulent voter registration drives in key battleground states. The most widely reported incident has been in Nevada, where possibly thousands of Democratic registration forms were shredded by a group called "Voters Outreach of America."

More than 300 part-time workers have been canvassing southern Nevada shopping malls and grocery stores collecting registrations. Former employee Eric Russell says his supervisor would destroy the democratic registrations and keep the republican ones.

"We caught her taking Democrats out of my pile, handed them to her assistant and he ripped them up right in front of us," Russell said, adding, "I grabbed some of them out of the garbage and she tells her assistant to get those from me."

In Reno, Washoe County's Registrar of Voters is taking a much closer look at registration forms. The FBI is now being called in to look at allegations that the same company, Voter Outreach of America forged nearly 200 registrations.

The Republican National Committee is primarily responsible for the hiring of the group in Nevada. Earlene Forsythe, the chair of the Nevada Republican Committee says her party is surprised by the alleged fraud.

"The Republican National Party would never intentionally hire any staff people to come into the state to intentionally do voter fraud."

That's right, Earlene, you just set up shadowy front groups to do the dirty work for you. Anyway, as Kos and others point out, these same shenanigans, involving this same operation, have been occurring in other swing states, including Wisconsin, Minnesota, West Virginia, Arizona, and Oregon.

Even more startling is the fact that disgraced South Dakota Congressman Bill Janklow has implicated the national party in South Dakota's vote suppression scheme involving a relative of John Thune:
The former governor and congressman says the national GOP is encouraging campaign workers to cheat. He says his ire is directed at the Republican Party's Victory operation, which helps register people and get them to the polls.

Janklow was most likely referring to "campaign workers" in South Dakota, but it doesn't take a genius to connect this operation with the "Voters Outreach" fraudsters.

Essentially, the GOP is taking the Katherine Harris strategy from 2000 and applying it nationally. We have less than three weeks to stop them.

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