Thursday :: Oct 14, 2004

No Sense of Decency

by soccerdad

The LA Weekly is reporting that one day after the death of Christopher Reeves someone in the Senate put a hold on the Christopher Reeve Paralysis bill

L.A. Weekly has learned that, just a day after the actor’s death, one or more Republican senators put a surprise hold on the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act. The uncontroversial legislation had been expected to sail through committee and then the Senate as easily as it had the House of Representatives where it passed 418 to zero last week. Monday’s action was beyond cruel; it was like opposing Mom and apple pie.


“We’re shocked,” a source inside the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation told L.A. Weekly on Tuesday. “We had been told the bill was going to pass the Senate, but then the Republicans put a hold on the legislation. We heard it was because Chris has been too outspoken on the stem-cell issue. That was the trigger.
“So it would have passed if Chris hadn’t died.”

But did the Bill have anything to do with stem cell research - NO

“This is a shame. The bill has nothing to do with stem-cell research. This is about research, rehabilitation and quality-of-life programs,” explains Dr. Douglas Landsman, director of individual research grants at the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation.

As if we needed further evidence of how small minded and vindictive these b*****ds are.

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