Sunday :: Oct 17, 2004

Kerry Gets New York Times' Endorsement

by Steve

The New York Times endorses Kerry for president in its Sunday edition.

As does the San Francisco Chronicle.

As does the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

As does the St. Petersburg Times.

As does the Charlotte Observer.

As does the Dayton Daily News.

Update: For those of you on the right who dismiss some of these endorsements because they come from papers that endorse Dems or endorsed Gore in 2000, then stick this in your pipe. All of these papers endorsed Bush in 2000 but are abandoning him now:

Albuquerque Tribune
The Oregonian
The Seattle Times
Bradenton Herald
New London Day
Daily Herald (IL)

And Kerry did pick up, as expected, the endorsement of the Boston Globe today.

Editor and Publisher notes today that Kerry has built up a huge advantage over Bush in newspaper endorsements, both in number (42-22), and in terms of circulation (8 million readers to 2.5 million readers). They also noted the papers that are now endorsing Kerry that went for Bush in 2000, as well as the fact that the large papers which endorsed Bush were all lukewarm in their support, with the exception of the home state Dallas Morning News, which said ludicrously that despite Bush’s flaws and failures, "this is not the time for America to go wobbly," and "This is not the time for Americans to abandon their president." Needless the say the editorial board of the Morning News would have been happy with just any fascist in office.

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