Monday :: Oct 18, 2004

Monday Morning Update

by Steve

The AP runs a story this morning apparently without an author that indicates the wealth gap between whites and minorities has grown during this Bush recovery. According to the study by the Pew Hispanic Center, net worth for all families rose on average 12% between 1996 and 2002, but net worth for black families declined 16% during that period. White families gained all of their losses and Hispanic families gained back almost all of their losses back from 2000-2001, whereas Black families did not.

The South Carolina reservists who refused orders last week to carry out what they described as a suicide resupply mission in Iraq say that the lack of equipment, parts, and training, as well as the lack of an armed escort has been going on for months.

The New York Times writes a piece on the business risks that Sinclair Broadcasting Group is taking by running the anti-Kerry smear. But in looking at the picture of David Smith, he looks like the type of guy who a) is so self-righteous it wouldn’t matter, and b) would get caught in a compromising situation with a hooker while being self-righteous.

Adam Cohen writes in a NYT Op-Ed what the world would be like if Bush were elected and we got a Scalia Supreme Court. Kerry needs to hammer the Supreme Court angle. reports that despite a Post story yesterday to the contrary, Democratic 527 groups still maintain a 2 to 1 fundraising advantage over their GOP counterparts through September.

Both parties are geared up to fight election fraud, especially in Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania, with the GOP starting election suppression efforts in New Mexico and Colorado, and dumping registrations in Nevada and other states.

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