Monday :: Oct 18, 2004

CBS Poll Calls Race A Tie - Survey USA Says Kerry Takes Lead In Florida, Moves Out Safely In Penn.; Within MOE In North Carolina

by Steve

Survey USA reported new polls late today that show Kerry moving ahead of Bush in Florida by 1% after trailing by 5% less than two weeks ago. Just as good is the news that the Democrats are in position to hold on to Bob Graham’s Senate seat after all.

SUSA reports now that in Pennsylvania Kerry is now ahead by a growing margin of 6%, after being ahead by 4% less than two weeks ago. And Arlen Specter’s Senate seat is in play for the Democrats, as Joe Hoeffel has reduced a 19% deficit to only 7% in less than two weeks.

But get this: Kerry is now only 3% behind Bush in North Carolina, after the last SUSA poll had Bush with a 7% lead less than two weeks ago. Plus, Democrat Erskine Bowles is within the MOE of Richard Burr in an effort to keep John Edwards’ Senate seat in Democratic hands.

And in a national poll out late today, the latest CBS News/New York Times poll of likely voters shows Bush with a 1% lead over Kerry with leaners included. This margin is unchanged from previous CBS News and CBS News/NYT polls earlier this month, indicating that Gallup is full of crap and that Bush hasn’t the momentum that Gallup wants you to believe.

Face it folks, Gallup has become a piece of Karl Rove’s disinformation operation, and both CNN and the USAT are Rove’s mouthpieces. After this election is over, I am calling for a nationwide boycott of CNN, USAT, Gallup, and Chris Matthews.

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