Tuesday :: Oct 19, 2004

Turdblossom Hits The Tarmac

by Steve

Boy, Turdblossom sure knows how to have a good time with his Charlie McCarthy in the heat of a campaign.

Karl Rove laid himself on the line Monday for his boss, the president of the United States.

That is, he laid himself under the wheels of Air Force One. Reason: Unclear, but it seems to have been an inside joke between Rove and President Bush.

Returning to the aircraft after Bush's foreign policy speech, the two men traded words. As Bush climbed the stairs, his top political adviser set his briefcase down in front of the tires and stretched out on the ground with his back to the wheels.

Rove stood back up moments later; a smiling Bush waved from the plane and they both got aboard.

"It was a humorous moment on the campaign trail," was all Bush campaign spokesman Scott Stanzel would say about Rove's antic.

Really? What could Rove and Bush have traded words about returning from an oversold “major foreign policy” speech wherein Bush did nothing except mouth the same tired recycled lies about Kerry? Isn’t Rove happy that Bush is sticking to the same failing script day in, day out?

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