Tuesday :: Oct 19, 2004

Zogby Tracking Poll Remains Tied, But Bush ReElect Support Falls

by Steve

For the second straight day, Zogby's daily tracking poll for Reuters shows Bush and Kerry in a 45%-45% tie. Although Zogby notes that Kerry hasn't closed the deal yet with voters, other pollsters have commented that undecideds (7%) tend to break towards the challenger in the end. Zogby has this observation as well:

The number of likely voters who believe Bush deserves to be re-elected dropped from 47 percent to 45 percent over the last four days, with the number of voters who believe it is time for someone new climbing from 48 percent to 51 percent.

Both of those numbers are moving in exactly the wrong direction this late in the campaign for Rove. Back to the tarmac for you!

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