Wednesday :: Oct 20, 2004

Why Democrats

by Duckman GR

Now here's an interesting tidbit for those who think Democrats are just tax and spend freakin socialists. Just relaxing this evening after the scintillating Red Sox victory, (all the better to crush us tomorrow night in some unimaginable twist of fate no doubt), when I came across this quiz question from Yahoo Finance: U.S. markets have had the best returns during the administrations of Presidents from which political party?

Being the smart lad that I am, I clicked on the correct answer, and was rewarded with this

The correct answer is:

And with this.

[T]hey found that Republican administrations had an excess return of approximately 2% while Democratic administrations had an excess return of approximately 11%. Santa-Clara and Valkanov [the researchers] determined that the wide variation in excess market returns was due to higher real market returns under Democrats as well as to real interest rates being almost 4% lower when Democrats were in the White House.

Just another reason to vote for Senator's Kerry and Edwards.

Think about this for a minute. Why would this be? Maybe because Democrats try to lift more people up, perhaps because by supporting more people Democrats encourage more consumption, more innovation, more hope? And that translates into more money for all, more capital for America?

Could that be it? Could that be why bulk purchasing is such a good idea, why CostCo's and even wal-mart can offer people lower prices, why george bush's Medicare drug plan is such a loser, because the power of many is stronger than the power of elites?

Could be.

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