Wednesday :: Oct 20, 2004

Pew Center Poll Also Now Shows Kerry Tied With Bush

by Steve

(Thanks to Pew Center for the graphic)

So much for another Bush lead.

Yesterday we reported that according to the new NBC News/WSJ poll Kerry had erased an earlier four-point Bush lead and surged into a tie amongst likely voters. Today, the latest Pew Center Poll confirms that trend. Kerry has wiped out a seven-point Bush lead amongst registered voters and a five-point Bush lead amongst likely voters in a little over two weeks. According to this poll, Kerry and Bush are now tied amongst both RVs and LVs.

Bush’s approval ratings in this poll are going south, with his approval rating now down to 44%. Kerry has regained solid leads amongst women (51%-41%) and white Catholics (50%-43%).

So can we ignore Gallup from this point on? They are looking more and more like outlying tools for the White House.

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