Thursday :: Oct 21, 2004

Beware Of The Saturday Trip To Crawford

by Steve

The first real sign of an October surprise cropped up yesterday when the AP reported that Bush would be taking this Saturday off during the home stretch of the campaign to return to the ranch in Crawford. Why would such an announcement be suspect? And why would this be a sure sign that we are in store for another surprise trip by Bush to drop in on our troops somewhere in the world, probably with another fake photo op and stuffed flight suit to boot?

Because the last time Bush pulled this off to serve a plastic turkey to hand-selected soldiers in Baghdad last Thanksgiving, Air Force One didnít fly from Andrews Air Force base to Baghdad. It flew from Crawford.

The stealthy moves included a departure from his Texas ranch in an unmarked car that got stuck in traffic and a takeoff and landing in darkness by Air Force One, which flew under a different call sign. Bush's aides said they would turn the plane around if word of the visit leaked out before he landed, but the news held until he was back in the air after a 2 1/2-hour visit and headed back to Crawford.

So where will it be this time? Another trip to Baghdad? Perhaps Kabul? Letís be creative Mr. President. Why not drop in on Tehran or Pyongyang? Perhaps you can hand out fake pumpkins this time.

Or maybe youíll fly to China or Pakistan to bring back Osama in chains?

One thing is for certain: the media will fall for it once again.

Update: Chris Suellentrop of Slate reports later today that the White House has changed the travel schedule and Bush will now be in Florida on Saturday. Thanks to reader MazeDancer for the tip.

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