Friday :: Oct 22, 2004

Touting The World Serious

by pessimist

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for their historic triumph over adversity and precedent - you guys were simply amazing, and a worthy role model to the Democratic Party.

Condolences to the Houston Astros, for you guys played a hard game. But you were outplayed, and with a shallow bench one can only do so much against a team showing incredible spirit, a team playing so hard even though some team members were painfully injured.

This same fate should be the future of the Bu$hCo GOP.

Staying with the sports metaphor while returning to the sort of commentary for which The Left Coaster is renowned, the results of the League Championships present an interessting set of coincidences:

John F. Kerry is from the Boston area, and is a BoSox fan if I recall correctly. Houston is an Oil Town, and the Bu$h family has extensive connections there.

The BoSox were the wild card team, the one tossed in to the contests so that one team doesn't sit idle and get cold while the other two division teams play. They beat the Yankees (I won't touch that one) and the massive checkbook of George Steinbrenner (think Enron and Halliburton).

As a recent poster here noted, the funding for the two parties is essentially equal now, so like the boSox, John f. Kerry and the Democratic Party were in effect the wild card team, the one allowed to exist so that the ruling elites in the GOP could claim with a straight face that America still had a two party system. But also just like the BoSox, serious deficiencies were overcome, and like winning four straight after losing the first three to capture the flag, the Democratic Party can now battle on near-equal terms with the Republicans, who were originally expected to run away with the election (and now are trying their damndest to do just that!)

So if there really is anything to using these sports metaphors as karmic portents, we should have some really good news on November 3.

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