Friday :: Oct 22, 2004

New endorsement for Kerry

by Duckman GR

Well, Jesse the Governor Ventura announced, sorta, a surprise endorsement of John Kerry today in Minneapolis.

Clearly, Mr. Ventura is a flip flopper, as he had previously announced he would make no endorsements. Could he be French too?

He kinda looks French in that picture. If that is him.

It's rather odd, to say the least, that he wouldn't actually speak the words, perhaps he was left speechless by the magnitude of the deceptions of bush? Or he doesn't want to piss off his Seal buddies? Maybe there were some bushite thugs that had threatened his family with violence if he backed the Senator?

Weird, but I will take it.

Unless it's a trick, in which case I'll pass.

Update 4:10 pm - Apologies to alert reader slightly Pissed and all Minnesotans. That endorsement was in St. Paul, the State Capital. Sorry all. Just another example of reality based blogging, we own up to our errors.

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