Saturday :: Oct 23, 2004

BOOK REVIEW: Will They Ever Trust Us Again?

by paradox

Will They Ever Trust Us Again?
Michael Moore
Simon & Schuster
ISBN 0-7432-7152-1

I saw this book on the shelf 7 days ago and grabbed it without thinking. Whatever one thinks about Michael Moore or his editing agenda one inescapable fact shined from within the creamy soft paper of the slim book: these were real voices in letters written to Moore from ordinary Americans in the Iraq war who had been there.

Iíll take an eyewitness account about whatís happening in Iraq over some fatuous lying neocon any day.

Moore also includes exemplary sections devoted to letters from troops around the world, veterans, and family members at home.

Of course some of these are protest letters to Moore, but many of them are not, simply clear plain voices of American dignity, expressing themselves with very compelling honesty along with striking perception and intelligence.

Blog readers will feel very much at home with the formatófew of the letters are more than 500 words, many much shorter. The conciseness is often devastating. If youíre a busy person there is no excuse for not reading it. There are many profound letters here that only take 120 seconds to read.

Iíll comment on one letter only, and obliquely at that (the letters speak for themselves). A young black female ďairmanĒ wrote a brilliant letter to Moore where she just came right out and said she believed the country was founded by crooks and thievesójust a routine fact, an ordinary sentence in a good long paragraph.

Iím a second-generation hispanic, but I look and sound like a white boy. Race has never effected me negatively in American life.

Then election 2000 came along and my vote got stolen just because I was a Democrat. I finally had to get robbed of my most precious right in Democracy to finally understand guys like MeteorBlades and Jesse and Gilliard and this fine airman just a little bit better. I donít pretend to come close to understanding what itís like not to be white, but losing my vote and reading that letter was a serious glimmer of understanding.

This is why one should read this book. Itís not about Michael Moore at all. Itís about the experiences of some of our finest and bravest citizens informing us and making us better humans and citizens. Iím extremely grateful I got to read it.

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