Saturday :: Oct 23, 2004

Bush And Rummy DID Let Bin Laden Get Away At Tora Bora

by Steve

In recent days John Kerry has been drawing blood by attacking the White House with the claim that Bush, Rummy, and Tommy Franks let Bin Laden get away when he was surrounded in Tora Bora in December 2001 by outsourcing the job of capturing him to local warlord forces. In his usual manner, Dick Cheney has jumped in to defend the administration by simply telling bald-faced lies about Tora Bora, saying that Bin Laden wasnít at Tora Bora, even though the Pentagon admitted he was.

Yet Cheney and the rest of the liars in the administration assume that no one reads the internet or has Google. We already know that the administration made a big mistake and is responsible for letting Bin Laden get away at Tora Bora. How do we know that?

Because it was the administration itself that admitted as much back in April 2002.

The Bush administration has concluded that Osama bin Laden was present during the battle for Tora Bora late last year and that failure to commit U.S. ground troops to hunt him was its gravest error in the war against al Qaeda, according to civilian and military officials with first-hand knowledge.

After-action reviews, conducted privately inside and outside the military chain of command, describe the episode as a significant defeat for the United States. A common view among those interviewed outside the U.S. Central Command is that Army Gen. Tommy R. Franks, the war's operational commander, misjudged the interests of putative Afghan allies and let pass the best chance to capture or kill al Qaeda's leader.

Now Cheney is saying that this wasnít true, as is retired General Tommy Franks, who would have reason to cover his butt here. But what is really going on here is nothing more than the usual spat between the intelligence community, which has been sure for a while that we let Bin Laden get away at Tora Bora, and the Defense Department which is just as certain that it isnít true, because they and Franks cannot admit they made the mistake. And whenever the dispute comes down to one between the Pentagon and the Agency, Cheney always sides with the know-nothings at the Pentagon.

Al Qaeda expert, author, and CNN contributor Peter Bergen says that Kerry is correct here. So just remember that it is true that Bush, Rummy, and Franks let Bin Laden get away at Tora Bora, and the Agency confirms it. Kerry is telling the truth once again, and Cheney is lying.

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