Saturday :: Oct 23, 2004

Kerry Finally Hammers Bush For Being Unable To Multi-Task

by Steve

Many of us who are critical of the Bush Administration have frequently complained that the White House seems utterly unable to multitask. I have been saying this from my earliest days posting on this blog and over at DailyKos when I was guest hosting there. These guys cannot focus on more than one thing at a time. While focusing solely on Iraq and prior to that Afghanistan, domestic issues haven’t been dealt with at all, except when a political opportunity presents itself. Even in foreign affairs, this A-List foreign policy team cannot seem to manage both Iraq and North Korea at the same time, nor Iran for that matter. They have forgotten about Afghanistan altogether.

And have they ever worked for a prolonged period of time on the Middle East peace process?

So lately Kerry has begun slamming Bush’s inability to multitask, with great effect. And apparently it is bothering the Bush campaign greatly, to the point that they are actually whining about it.

Democrat John Kerry has taken to summarizing the presidential fight with a line that's both a dig at his opponent and an appeal to undecided voters.

"A president,'' Kerry says, "has to be able to do more than one thing at the same time.''

The line is intended for voters with questions about President Bush's performance in office who still hesitate to back Kerry, adviser Mike McCurry said.

It jabs at the president's singular focus on terrorism and security as the only things at issue in the presidential campaign, he said.

"The argument is that the singular preoccupation with eradicating evildoing in the world ... it creates blinders that allow you to miss the other things that are important to the American people,'' McCurry said.

McCurry argues that Kerry can be a "president who can simultaneously conduct an aggressive war on terror but not drop the ball on jobs and health care.''

Democrats repeatedly charge that the president ignored or mishandled the economy, education and health care. Kerry reminds voters at every turn that the economy lost jobs under Bush's watch and says more people lost their health care and slipped into poverty during his term.

The laughter and cheers that erupt after Kerry delivers the line show the friendly audiences at campaign speeches and rallies take it another way -- as a subtle dig at Bush's intelligence and ability to juggle the tasks of the presidency.

"It's another example of John Kerry throwing a low blow,'' said spokesman Steve Schmidt. "It's an insult that demonstrates why so many Americans find John Kerry unlikeable...''

Oh, cry me a river little Stevie. What a lame-ass response.

Schmidt also disputed the idea that the president ignored the home front while pursuing terrorists, pointing to education reforms, successive tax cuts, a Medicare prescription drug benefit and a new Homeland Security Department created during Bush's term.

Note that all the things Schmidt mentions are failures, stemming from abandoned commitments or faulty policy choices. Bush’s education "reforms" have been under funded and are being discarded by local school districts. His tax cuts have never generated the jobs they were supposed to. His Medicare prescription drug benefit was a fraud perpetrated on the Congress that will cost the taxpayers more than it should while doing little to provide relief to seniors. And the Homeland Security Department was opposed by Bush and has yet to provide security or adequate funding to protect our cities, ports, railways, chemical plants, and nuclear plants.

Kerry can continue to score points by reminding voters that there is more to being president than walking and talking tough about terrorism and playing to voters' fears. Kerry can remind voters that Bush has yet to prove that he can walk and chew gum at the same time.

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