Sunday :: Oct 24, 2004

Blog Catch-Up Work

by Steve

In the rush of events over the last several days, I haven’t had the chance to make you aware of several blogs or sources of useful information. Here are several that I can point to.

TR points our attention to a very useful source of information to debunk freeper claims about Kerry’s record as a public figure, specifically his war and anti-war activities, his time as a prosecutor, and his time as a politician. The site is, and the "John Kerry For Dummies" section is a wealth of information that you can use.

On a separate note, frequent commenter Cali points out that The Washington Monthly ran a great piece last month that outlined the fine work Kerry did in busting open BCCI, a Saudi bank with ties to terrorists and the Bush Family, and yes that includes W.

TR has also put together a great site, Vote Watch 2004, which summarizes all the voter suppression efforts undertaken by the GOP for this election.

Judd Legum over at Winning Argument points out that Bush has actually cut $500 million in next year’s budget from emergency first responder funding.

Judd has also compiled for The Nation a list of "100 Facts and 1 Opinion" about why the Bush Administration must not be returned to office.

Wyeth Ruthven of the South Carolina Democratic Party points out that the GOP Secretary of State has asked for local police to patrol polling sites and look for "security problems."

Professor Sam Wang of Princeton University runs an interesting Electoral College analysis site here.

Commenter Cat M.’s blog My Left Brain is worth a look.

Lastly, I have had a run of good luck lately with the blog and I want to thank the commenters and emailers for their nice words of support. They are greatly appreciated by me and all of our editors here at The Left Coaster.

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