Monday :: Oct 25, 2004

Explosives are no matter

by Duckman GR

Sometimes the truth slips out. If you asked little Scottie McClellan at 1:00 pm if it was day time, he'd tell you: 'I think we went over that yesterday, and yes, if you refer to the Pentagon press office I'm sure you can see that their remarks are consistant with that.'

At any rate, as Steve and others have reported this morning, Scottie said:

At the end of Operation Iraqi Freedom there were a number of priorities. It was a priority to make sure that the oil fields were secure, so that there wasn't massive destruction of the oil fields, which we thought would occur. It was a priority to get the reconstruction office up and running. It was a priority to secure the various ministries, so that we could get those ministries working on their priorities, whether it was --

One thing about people, even an accomplished dissembler, okay, accomplished isn't the right choice, I think veteran dissembler is more apropo, a veteran dissembler like mcclellan, they often speak to the most pressing or major consideration, fact, issue, whatever, first, then goes on to lesser ones. Hence, it was to secure the oil fields first.

But of the three things he mentioned, in fact, none of them were really accomplished. They did not, and have not, secured the oil fields, at least not the pipeline infrastructure. They did not secure the ministries, only the oil ministries, if they had we wouldn't have seen the looting of the government ministries that conveniently destroyed all kinds of evidence that would doubtlessly connect Big Oil, Halliburton, BFEE, chalabi, Rum Drunk, Big Time Dick, the whole lot of them, to the corruption and lies of Hussein and WMD's and terrorism.

And they certainly didn't get he reconstruction up and running, they've spent what, $2 billion out of how many billions in reconstruction funds? And now we have this 760,000 pounds of powerful high explosives located in a known depot, of concern to the IAEA, and not only does nobody know where its at, they don't seem to be overly concerned either.

No matter how you look at this, it makes bushco look bad. Incompetent, culpable, deluded, ignorant, insane, authoritarian, eager for more power, concerned only with getting bush elected.

How could rice just now find out about this, 18 months later? Or, if she knew about it earlier, how could she have done nothing about it? And what about our Dear Misleader? If condi didn't read him bedtime stories this Worst President Ever wouldn't get any reading done. So if he didn't know, what kind of decision making on this "war" could he make? And if he did know, then how much blood of how many dead and injuried soldiers is on his hands, having sent them into battle without armor, knowing full well that these insurgents/terrorists/baathists had this much high explosives?

And what of all the other accessories to this crime, like rumsfeld and Big Time Dick, the neo-cons like perle (where's he hiding these days, France?) wolfowitz, feith, scooter (a grown man called scooter? Jeebus effing christ!) And colin powell, surely he must have known something about this. Bremer knew, but he's not talking. Powell knew, you know he did, these military people talk to each other you know, yet what did he do?

Nothing. Kept his son in his job, I guess. Enabled these bastards to no end, if you consider that "doing" something. I don't. Probably doesn't sleep very well. Lost his reputation and respect though, and any hopes of future advancement, but hey, bushco pays well, right? Well, maybe not Colin, who never really went "all in" with georgie.

Hey bushco! We're not all that stupid. We know you're lying, so you go ahead and tremble in fear and loathing. You're going down, and when JFK gets in the White House with all those lawyers you hate and demonize so much, you're gonna be sorry.

I want trials for these people. I want heads on pikes, rhetorically speaking of course, as lessons for those who threaten democracy, life, liberty, and the general well being of the people and this nation.

I know they don't care about doing the right thing, or about the welfare of the people, or of the discharging of their responsibilities. Clearly, being blameless is the concurrent theme of the bush administration, the Worst Presidency Ever. Power, that's their bag, baby. But, Truth will out.

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