Tuesday :: Oct 26, 2004

Stopping The Presses

by pessimist

If one seeks to look about
There is no information drouth
For it comes from everybody's mouth
From North and East and West and South

In my continuing effort to keep abreast of the raft of newspaper endorsements John F. Kerry is receiving from around the nation, I include the latest that I have been able to locate with my still-limited Internet access (most items courtesy of Buzzflash.

There has been much negative to say about the media's performance over the last several years, but I have to wonder, based on personal observation, if that trend isn't being reversed. Ever since the first debate, the media has appeared to me to be paying much better attention to what is going on, and to be actually doing their jobs. Admittedly, this performance is still somewhat spotty and uneven, but they are quite out of practice after years of being the Republican Party mouthpiece. As long as the trend continues in this direction, I'm willing to cut them some slack.

I've been noticing some interesting, if very subtle, changes in the way my local newspapers are covering the presidential campaign. For instance, the front runner will tend to get top billing, and the Office of the President would also hold some importance in the coverage. What, then, is to be made about the fact that John F. Kerry is tending to get top billing, even in the Riverside (CA) Press Enterprise - a Republican-slanted newspaper which has already endorsed George Weasel Bu$h for re(s)election? Why, I am even hearing nice things being said about John F. Kerry on the local LA FAUX station!

Prominent Republicans continue to come out as Kerry supporters. Former Oregon Republican Gov. Tom McCall's widow endorses Kerry 10/26 and Top Chicago Tribune Conservative Columnist, Stephen Chapman, Will Vote for Kerry 10/26

There is some reason to believe that John Kerry stands a good chance of winning a fair election. There is even a member of the Brookings Institute who is publicly stating that this election has already gone for Kerry!. This article isn't as in depth as I would prefer, but it's out there!

Here are the latest endorsements of r John F. Kerry for President:

Major Media Endorsements

For the First Time in 80 Years, the New Yorker Endorses a Candidate -- and It's John Kerry 10/26

Newsday endorses John F. Kerry for president of the United States. 10/25

The Nation: John Kerry for President. "As for Bush, where to begin the list of his mistakes, delusions, deceptions, follies, tragedies and crimes?" 10/26

Financial Times backs Kerry, bashes 'radical' Bush 10/26


Florida newspapers desert Bush as media swing to Kerry

Smaller City Papers Support Kerry Too, Such as Asheville, North Carolina 10/25

Smaller City Newspapers Also Endorse Kerry, Such as Macon, Georgia 10/26

Smaller City Papers Support Kerry Too, Such as Anniston,
Alabama. "For the sake of the United States and its secure future, we long to see Bush retire to his ranch in Crawford and Kerry take residence in the White House." 10/25


Smaller Cities Support Kerry Too, Such as Traverse City, Michigan 10/26

Smaller City Papers Support Kerry Too, as In this Stinging Critique of Bush in the Quad City Times (Iowa and Illinois), Which Supported Bush in 2000, But Not in 2004.

Smaller City Papers Support Kerry Too, Such as Fort Wayne, Indiana. 10/25

Smaller City Newspapers Support Kerry Too, Such as in
Lansing, Michigan (The State Capital): "Fire this president" 10/26

Smaller City Papers Support Kerry Too, Such as Racine,
Wisconsin 10/25

Des Moines Register Endorses Kerry: "Senator John F. Kerry is a wise and decent man who has the makings of a fine president."

Smaller City Papers for Kerry, Such as Iowa City, Iowa. "If a CEO took his company from record revenues to record debts, then bogged down his employees in a messy, costly project with no easy way out,
shareholders would have no choice but to fire him


Small City Newspapers Support Kerry [our correction], Such as Waco, Texas, Right down the Road from the Photo-op Crawford Ranch Site, Whose Paper Also Supports Kerry. URL Corrected.

Smaller City Papers Support Kerry Too, Such as Billings, Montana 10/25

Smaller City Newspapers Support Kerry Too, Such as Durango, Colorado 10/26

Reno Gazette-Journal: Kerry should be Nevada’s choice 10/26

Tacoma, WA News Tribune: John Kerry is right choice for president 10/26


Smaller City Papers Support Kerry Too, Such as Allentown, Pennsylvania 10/25

Cue The Peasants!

Who is the Editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Anyway? Nino Scalia's Cousin? Who Else Would Overrule an Editorial Board Vote for Kerry and Try to Dictate an Endorsement of Bush? 10/26

300+ Austin residents protest newspaper over Bush
endorsement 10/26

Kerry has now won endorsements from at least 35 papers that went for Bush in 2000, while Bush has earned only two Gore papers.

Kerry One Point Ahead in ABC Tracking Poll 10/26

Kerry Ahead for First Time Since August in Rasmuessen Poll 10/26

One is the loneliest number, George. You're soon to find out how lonely.

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