Tuesday :: Oct 26, 2004

Campaign Short Hits

by Steve

Clinton probably did more good for Kerry in 36 hours in Florida than the candidate has done for himself in several months. Thatís not a slam on Kerry, itís just the truth about Clinton.

Democrats registered 100,000 more new voters in Pennsylvania that the GOP since April, and now has a 600,000 voter edge in the state.

The Kerry camp, the DNC, and MoveOn will be putting money back into West Virginia and Arkansas, based on late polls that show Kerry with a chance to steal these two out from under Bushís nose.

Kerry-supporting PACs have outspent Bush-supporting PACs by a 5 to 1 margin since Labor Day.

Hereís your evidence why you may see an increased terror threat warning this weekend: a Cornell sociologist has statistical evidence that Bushís approval rating goes up nearly 3 points every time the threat level is raised. Although the increase is temporary, it would sure do the trick for Tuesday.

The AP does a nifty summary of the "shifting explanations" that the Bushies have given to explain Wís Guard service.

Our allies disagree with us over North Korea, and think we are too inflexible, contrary to what Bush said in the debates.

Porter Goss is already paying dividends for Bush as head of the CIA, as he is continuing to block the release before the election of a report that names CIA staff responsible for 9/11 intelligence lapses.

The Army reversed itself and decided that due to a lack of troops in Iraq, it will be impossible to shorten tours of duty from 12 months to 9 or 6 months, as had been hoped earlier.

And the White House has been lying about the disappearance of 380 tons of high explosives from an IAEA-monitored site in Iraq. In backpedaling and defending itself the last two days, the White House has tried to make the case that our troops hadnít seen the explosives when the Americans came through during the early days of the war, and were already removed by Saddam. Today a unit commander said that this was not the case, as our troops never looked for the explosives in the first place. It was also confirmed that our troops were never ordered to even look for the explosives by their superiors. Russia wants the IAEA back into Iraq to take over inspections again, but Bush refuses.

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