Wednesday :: Oct 27, 2004

Open Thread

by Mary

One conversation I had this week with one coworker showed me how effective FOX news is. In her mind there is no way to tell who is telling the truth, so why even bother? (Even government reports are suspect.) Kerry is going to raise taxes. What do you mean that Iraq wasn't behind 9/11? Wasn't it good that we got rid of Saddam? The Democrats only care about the poor (and the people who won't try to help themselves) and the Republicans care only about the rich. Neither party care about middle class voters. So, why vote? A pox on both their houses. Besides which, how can you tell who is telling the truth?

Another conversation was with a visiting German co-worker who was bemused by what we Americans were going through. Why was Bush doing so well? Why didn't anyone stop the worst policies such as that the crazy SUV subsidy ($100K credit if you are a small business owner)? Aren't you guys working on cutting back carbon emissions as agreed to in the Kyoto protocol? I didn't know your president threw that agreement out. Why isn't someone complaining? I thought that your representatives had more freedom and independence than those who are elected as part of the parlimentary system?

Listening to his questions, I realized how crazy it sounds for someone outside our country to realize how weird our politics are today. One party rule enforced by Tom DeLay and Karl Rove. A suggestion that Bush might need to make a recess appointment to fill in for Chief Justice Rehnquist so that if case is appealed, the Supreme Court will have the ability to have an extra vote - for Bush. It sounds crazy when you start to talk about this to people who always thought America was a beacon of democracy.

What types of conversations are you having this week?

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