Wednesday :: Oct 27, 2004

Philosophical Differences

by Duckman GR

Is it better to let a guilty man go free or to imprison an innocent one? That is the essential difference between the two parties. There are costs to both views. An innocent man wrongly imprisoned suffers the loss of life, liberty and happiness. A guilty man set free may commit more crimes; or he may not. As that fine financial paragon John Bogle would tell you, past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

You can see this in the suppression of voters that the GOP has been conducting. Except for the part about them just doing anything to get Bush elected of course. Philosophically speaking, this fits in with their notion that it's better to exclude the righteous voter if thatís the cost of excluding the illegal voter as well. Whereas the Democrats think that itís better to get as many people voting as possible, and take some due diligence to insure theyíre eligible, but if a few illegals get through the cracks, so be it.

And then thereís Free Speech. The GOP seems to think that itís better to limit free speech, like burning the flag, because people might say bad things, damaging things, things that might harm our democracy. Democrats, well, we think otherwise. Iím sure right now that the GOP would really like to put a sock in that Eminem feller, because heís dangerous and all.

You would think freedom is so fragile in the Bushites' minds that it must be protected from outside infiltration, while liberals must think itís pretty resilient. I mean, after all, weíre still blogging and calling Bush names, arenít we? Freedom must be robust enough to withstand reality, nature, creeping natural selection; itís lasted this long, and seems to be spreading, despite Bushís best efforts.

Maybe they think itís a commodity so precious, so scarce, that it cannot be shared indiscriminately. That there must be controls on who can participate in this experiment, that they must control the laboratory for its own good.

Using the bathtub imagery of Eff Grover Ing Norquist, they would either throw the baby out with the bathwater, or drown the baby in the bathwater, (but not the fetus of course). The left would accept the wet, dripping wet, baby, the splashed bathwater on the carpet, and the bathtub, dry the kid off, wipe down the carpet, and clean the bathtub.

Bush has been correct in one thing he claimed in 2000. He is indeed a uniter. He's got John Bogle, as Establishment as you can get, and Eminem, as unEstablishment as you can imagine, working on the same goal. I just don't think it's quite what he had in mind. But, as I mentioned earlier, they can't do anything right, everything they do comes around and bites them in the ass sooner or later.

Six days. Then the work really starts.

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