Thursday :: Oct 28, 2004

Zogby Shows Kerry Closing Ground Nationally, But Now Tied In Michigan

by Steve

Zogby’s latest daily tracking and state by state polls show Kerry closing Tuesday’s 3% deficit to only 1% Wednesday night, 48%-47%. Zogby notes that in Wednesday’s results only, Kerry racked up a 5% lead over Bush. At this stage in the 2000 race, Bush lead Gore by 5% in the Zogby tracking poll. And we know how Bush crumbled in the end in that race.

In the state by state results for Zogby Wednesday night, the most noticeable negative for Kerry is that Bush has tied him in Michigan, but Kerry has offset that by moving out to a lead in Wisconsin, tying Bush in Iowa, maintaining a lead in Colorado, closing a gap in Florida, and now leading in Ohio.

The ten states break down this way Wednesday night:

Colorado: Kerry has recaptured a 4% lead he had several days ago. It also appears that the Democrats will take the Ben Nighthorse Campbell Senate seat from the GOP.

Florida: Zogby shows Kerry halving Bush’s 4% lead Tuesday to 2% Wednesday night, and the Senate race to succeed Bob Graham is deadlocked.

Iowa: Kerry has moved into a tie with Bush.

Michigan: Bush has moved into a tie with Kerry, as the candidates appear to be moving in opposite directions.

New Mexico: Zogby reports that Kerry has closed to 3% behind Bush.

Nevada: Bush has built his lead to 7%.

Ohio: For the first time in four days, Kerry has moved ahead of Bush by 1%.

Pennsylvania: Kerry is 3% ahead of Bush.

Wisconsin: Kerry has turned a 3% deficit four days ago into a 4% lead tonight.

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