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America The Dutiful

by pessimist

Friends, Americans, Countrymen.

You heard him call New York Times reporter Adam Clymer a 'major league asshole' back during the 2000 campaign. Now watch then-Texas Governor Bush salute loyal advisor Karen Hughes on video, with his middle finger.

It's amazing what you can capture when your camera is turned on. This video shows what George Bush thinks of democracy. He was caught on video while governor of Texas.

[The live version is here]

The clip shows him smoothing his hair for the camera, complaining about an off-camera aide believed to be Hughes. "She's still tellin' me what to do," he says, before he flashes his middle finger. As worried aides murmur about whether the camera's running, Bush dismisses his gesture as a "one-fingered victory salute."

There's nothing wrong with a little playful obscenity among friends, but our preacher in chief has worked hard to hide the smirking frat boy within. The video isn't likely to energize the evangelical base the White House cares about most.

This assumes that they will ever see it. I personally doubt they will in the short time that remains before the most crucial election this country has faced since 1860.

This is the message George "Wolfpack" Bu$h will give the American People when they legally oust him next week. But he is not about to surrender power. His gesture to Karen Hughes should explain that in terms that even Bu$h supporters would understand. Their attitude will be "Possession is nine-tenths of the law" and all of that other self-serving justification we've all heard from selfish and greedy people.

You know the sort of people I mean. Like this good Marine recruit:

Steven Scott Soper, of Lake Worth, became enraged Tuesday night when his 18-year-old girlfriend said she was leaving him -- and voting for John Kerry for president. Soper, who will enter the Marines as soon as he passes the GED test, solidly supports Bush. He allegedly told girlfriend Stacey Silheira, "You'll never live to see the election."

Palm Beach Sheriff's Office deputies called to the home in Lake Worth said they had to use a Taser - an electronic stun gun - to subdue Soper. They described Soper as enraged and said he was holding Silheira captive. He was armed with a screwdriver and threatening to stab her in the neck, they said. When Silheira eventually broke free a deputy fired the Taser, shocking him into submission.

Is THIS the sort of person you want oveseas representing America? Even if he is in a uniform and carrying a gun?

Anyone who can see that Bu$h is the wrong choice for this country is the enemy, and the Bu$h crowd will fight hard to avoid capture or defeat. That is why there are so many efforts underway across the country to suppress votes that will not go for GWB:

Jebbie the Butt's efforts
Broward County

Phony Letters

Bonuses For Republican Registrants

Voter Challenges

This is admittedly a very small sample, as I am still using borrowed dial-up accounts to conduct my research. But it is representative of the problem George Warmonger Bu$h and the evil PNAC Petroleum Pirate Posse face with this election: They are losing. The lying pollsters can't seem to shake the view of the electorate that it is time for a change, as the situation in Nevada indicates:

A very close race is certainly the case in Nevada, where the tension is already rising as early vote totals are being tallied. While current polls, particularly the Zogby tracking poll, have Bush winning Nevada by a few points, the early voting returns, already in record numbers, suggest something else.

It is possible for a candidate to win Nevada just by carrying a large majority in Clark County while losing in every other county. That scenario almost worked for Gore in 2000, when the only county he won was Clark, and lost by a small margin. Kerry's total lead in Clark County is 7,185, adding up to a three percent advantage over Bush so far. Since most analysts see more Republicans voting early than Dems, the early lead for Kerry is seen as a good omen for the Kerry camp.

One can almost hear Dick 'Go forth and perform auto-eroticism upon your own person' Cheney screaming at Karl Rove, "It's STILL isn't working! DO SOMETHING!! NOW!!!"

The best example of this is the projections of a large voter turnout. Traditionally, large turnouts benefit the Democrats, so there is every incentive for the Republican Party, running desperate now that it is clear that they have lost the confidence of a large bloc of American voters, to do all that it can to suppress voting. What's worse for the White Supremecist Bu$hCo Ba$tard$, much of this turnout is coming from non-Whites. In fact, this [pdf] poll by Republican Tony Fabrizio, who served as chief pollster for Bob Dole's 1996 campaign, has this to say:

Fabrizio's latest poll of 12 battleground states shows the race dead even, with Bush getting 47.3 percent and Kerry getting 47.1. But a press release for the survey says: "[W]hen the data is weighted to reflect minority turnout based on the 2000 exit polls, Sen. Kerry leads by 3.5 percent and if minority turnout is weighted to census levels Sen. Kerry's lead expands to 5.2 percent." "It is clear that minority turnout is a wildcard in this race and represents a huge upside for Sen. Kerry and a considerable challenge for the President's campaign," Fabrizio is quoted saying. "If one assumes minority turnout exceeds their 2000 election levels, then it appears a number of these states would tip to Sen. Kerry."

Given the enduring anger of widespread minority disenfranchisement four years ago and the massive get-out-the-vote machines being deployed in swing states, it's hard to imagine that minority turnout will be lower than it was in 2000.

Democrats seem far more worried about the possibility of dirty tricks by Republicans, who know they can only hang on to the White House by suppressing the minority vote. Stories of such tactics have been rolling in for months -- there were the Florida State Police officers harassing elderly black voters in Orlando, the thousands of partisan poll-watchers who will be assigned to challenge voters in Ohio's black neighborhoods, the phone calls telling people that their polling places have been changed.

Fabrizio's findings will likely encourage Republicans to step up such tactics. If they play fair, they can't win.

The only ones who are truly benefitting from a Bu$h presidency are the corporatists, who are being freed from any constraints on their business activities and on their taxation. There is only one way to weaken this support for Bu$h among the corporatist world - follow the example of Chicago Tribune readers who cancelled their subscriptions after the Trib endorsed Bu$h, as they would mindlessly endorse any Republican, this last weekend.

Profits are everything to a corporatist, and it was this motivation that led to the Iraqi Oil Robbery. What corporatist can resist the allure of easy pickings of fat profits with no risk of labor unrest? Such greed blinded them to the fact that, ultimately, someone comes along to balance the books.

That someone needs to be We, The People. Now.

These are the questions any undecided American voters should be asking themselves:

What has been gained by Bush's policies? Are the benefits outweighing the costs? By any sane/rational examination the answer is clearly that the harm being done is far, far worse than any possible benefits.

May The Maker have mercy on America if Kerry doesn't win, for no one else will.

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