Friday :: Oct 29, 2004

Mr. "Dead or Alive" Reappears In Time For The Election

by Steve

Al Jazeera has aired a tape of Osama Bin Forgotten that they have just obtained. I'm sure it will look at least a bit more credible than the farce of a tape that Drudge and Fox were touting earlier in the week that featured a Central Casting reject speaking English and threatening more attacks against us because of Afghanistan (but not strangely Iraq- hmmm). Seriously, Pakistan's ISI must do a better job of producing these fakes.

Anyway, we'll find out soon when this tape was made, and then the debate can begin whether the appearance of Mr. "I don't think about him that much" helps or hurts Bush.

Update: Bin Laden appears healthy and serene in the video, and accepts responsibility for 9/11 directly.

He accused President Bush of "misleading" the American people since the 2001 suicide airline hijackings that hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

"Your security is not in the hands of (Democratic candidate John) Kerry or Bush or al-Qaeda. Your security is in your own hands," bin Laden said.

"To the U.S. people, my talk is to you about the best way to avoid another disaster," he said. "I tell you: security is an important element of human life and free people do not give up their security."

And I guess Osama has had the time to see "Fahrenheit 911":

"It never occurred to us that the commander in chief of the country (Bush) would leave 50,000 citizens in the two towers to face those horrors alone ... because he thought listening to a child discussing her goats was more important," bin Laden said, referring to Bush's visit to a school when the attack occurred.

I'm sure Freeper-land will now flood the media and airwaves with assertions that Bin Laden is trying to tilt the election to Kerry.

Update #2: Geez, Osama is really going for the smackdown of Bush here. As more and more of the translation comes out, he is nailing Bush directly for 9/11 failures:

Bin Laden suggested Bush was slow to react to the Sept. 11 attacks, giving the hijackers more time than they expected. At the time of the attacks, the president was listening to schoolchildren in Florida reading a book.

"It never occurred to us that the commander-in-chief of the American armed forces would leave 50,000 of his citizens in the two towers to face these horrors alone," he said, referring to the number of people who worked at the World Trade Center.

"It appeared to him (Bush) that a little girl's talk about her goat and its butting was more important than the planes and their butting of the skyscrapers. That gave us three times the required time to carry out the operations, thank God," he said.

In planning the attacks, bin Laden said he told Mohammed Atta, one of the hijackers, that the strikes had to be carried out "within 20 minutes before Bush and his administration noticed."


A simple suggestion to the Kerry Camp: You guys must hit this hard in time for the weekend chatfests and to steer the focus towards the fact that this guy is still alive and quite healthy. I know that you have already shot your last round of commercials, but can them, and cut together an immediate 30-second spot for distribution in all the battleground states. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. I would suggest a 30-second spot which opens with the new tape of Osama today, and with a voice over which asks the question "Why Is This Man Still Alive?", and then a morphing into a video of Bush saying that he doesn't spend much time thinking about Osama. The commercial will close with a on camera statement from Kerry saying that "He shouldn't have been allowed to escape at Tora Bora. And invading Iraq obviously did nothing to stop him. If I'm elected president, Osama won't have much time to shoot any more videos."


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