Friday :: Oct 29, 2004

Unlike bush, we will keep our eyes on the ball

by Duckman GR

I just finished reading the comments about bin Forgotten. It was encouraging how after some thrashing around everybody except the moraines kinda settled down. Fuck bin Laden. What Senator Kerry said was good enough. Let bush politicize it.

I know we're going to win this thing, and I said it two years ago, much to the amazement of my friends and co-workers. They can't help themselves. They're greedy, full of self impotence, and utterly lacking in the saving graces of humility and compassion that would enable them to govern effectively. And that lack leads to failures. The bushites of course, what were you thinking?

The problem has been getting people to see those failures, either because of the whorish lens of the news media, the threats and intimidation of the news media and the American people, the fear that they have relentlessly spread for the last three years, and the breathless pace of their agenda. There's a reason why bush always wants his toys "right away." They don't want you thinking.

They pulled it with the tax cuts, the Patriot Act, the Medicare Prescription bill, THE WAR, because thought is dissent, and we can't have that, now can we?

I don't know what turned the tide, Governor Dean electrifying the California Convention with his call to taking his country back, the blogs gaining traction and organization and results, trent lott anyone, Michael Moore, 1000+ dead Americans, maybe just the wearing down of the American people's blinders in the face of relentless failures by bush, but the tide has turned, and it's sweeping some of this garbage out with it.

Here in San Diego after the first big rains of the year, you don't want to go in the ocean because of the sewage spills and runoff fouling the coastal waters. But when the bacteria count goes down, when the vermin in our water dies out, then the ocean is a great and powerful force, just ask the surfers, dude.

bush and his feckless acolytes are about to get flushed by forces bigger than they are. And rightly so. They invaded a hapless country which was, according to David Kay, just one great big ammo dump, and they didnít bring along enough forces to secure the ammo. They didn't secure the nuclear facilities.

Yeah yeah, they destroyed a zillion munitions. But they didn't destroy a zillion more. Whether it was HMX or old artillery shells, they let the Iraqi's loot the stuff, whatever it was. Looters that they created by firing hundreds of thousands of men from the only job on their job boards, the Army. Tell me why these gluttons deserve another chance at the piggy bank?

Everything is politics with this crew, and nothing exemplifies that better than the notion of the National Security Advisor to the President of the Effing United States of America, the person who, news to her, is supposed to coordinate our national security agencies and offices and officials, whose job is to THINK about our security day and night, and formulate plans to ensure said security, that, that, that, thing is schtuping for bush while old bin Forgotten makes tapes, Arafat gets whisked out of Israel, and Iraq continues to spiral out of our control.

We're going to beat these heartless pricks and they know it. And in spite of their lies, their cheating, their racism, their manipulations, their media whores, their cowardly disciples. They've hit John Kerry with everything they've got, and it isn't working. And they have a lot to work with. Losers.

When Great White had that nightclub fire last year (?) the first thing people thought, after how horrible that was, was somebody fucked up big time and they're going to be in a whole world of trouble. We did it after Pearl Harbor. After the Challenger and Columbia disasters. So why haven't we done it after 9/11? Starting with that useless knob polishing rice?

We're doing it 11/2/04, the hard way.

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