Saturday :: Oct 30, 2004

Pooty-poot's Not In Cahoots

by pessimist

George Worthle$$ Bu$h once said that he'd 'looked into Russian President Vladimir Putin’s soul and found a friend.'

If it's true that one is known by the company one keeps, and that friends don't let friends invade uninvolved countries, what can Vlad the Inveigler be thinking of his Ol' Buddy George right about now?

Russia summons U.S. diplomat over Iraq arms claim
29 Oct 2004 12:11:59 GMT
Source: Reuters

MOSCOW, Oct 29 (Reuters) - Russia summoned a U.S. diplomat to protest at a Pentagon claim that Russian soldiers spirited away hundreds of tonnes of explosives from a site in Iraq just before the U.S. invasion, Interfax news agency said on Friday. "The Russian Ministry of Defence summoned the U.S. military attache in Moscow to express a resolute protest in connection with the comments by John Shaw," Interfax quoted an anonymous source at a Russian defence agency as saying.

Russia's Defence Ministry dismissed the allegation that there had been any Russian involvement in the disappearance of the explosives in Iraq. "You can't really take statements like this as anything but far-fetched rubbish," said spokesman Vyacheslav Sedov. "I can officially confirm that the Ministry of Defence and the organisations that report to it could not have taken part in the disappearance of the explosives, since Russia's servicemen and military specialists left Iraq 12 years ago."

What this tells me is that Bu$hCo got caught with their pants around their ankles and they were hoping that Pooty-poot would allow them to besmirch his country's reputation for a temporary and vital political advantage. It's like, "We'll gladly thank you [after] Tuesday for a slam burger today!" I guess Pooty didn't want to play this particular game.

Some friend! But then, one IS known by the company one keeps, which may explain this little tidbit:

In a Washington Times story this week, Pentagon official John Shaw pointed the finger at Russian special forces, saying they had moved many of Iraq's weapons into Syria in the weeks before the March 2003 invasion. But U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has distanced himself from the comments by Shaw, who is deputy undersecretary for defense for international technology security.

What this tells me is that Rumsfeld is hedging his bets over Tuesday's results. I read this as he's not so sure that Bu$hCo will succeed in influencing the vote through all of the nefarious acts we've been hearing about over the last several weeks. He's as close to the inside as one can get, so if he isn't so sure, ...

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